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General information

BBQ at Pool No. 2

There are built-in BBQ facilities at Pool no. 2 which can be booked up to two times a week, for private parties. Please contact the Anchorage Office on:

+34 971 400 890
+34 672 322 649

You can order food from Jose at The Bismarque Restaurant, or bring your own and party away until 22.00. In consideration of the neighbouring owners we ask that you please keep the noise down and be sure to clear everything up and take all your rubbish home with you.

Please note that open barbecues are not allowed anywhere at The Anchorage as they are a potential fire hazard.

Visitors & Deliveries

If you are expecting visitors or a delivery, please be sure to let the Anchorage Office know of their anticipated arrival time and date, so that they can inform Security.

Security will not let visitors or deliveries in unless they have been advised to expect them, so to avoid an embarrassing wait for your guests or your delivery being refused, please be sure to advise the office:

+34 971 400 890 (08.30 and 13.30 Monday to Friday)
+34 672 322 649

If timings are such that you have not been able to advise the office and have no other option, you can inform the Security Gate direct on:

+34 672 320 812

Holiday Rentals

From time to time owners may want to lend their apartments to family and friends, free of charge.

Commercial renting, however, is restricted by Public law which forbids the use of apartments for commercial purposes or for short term renting of less than 90 days. Commercial renting requires a license from the Office of Tourism; in general an apartment at the Anchorage would not qualify and therefore would not be granted such a license. Short “lets”, air B&B and advertising on web sites is an offence, which could lead to a prosecution by the Spanish authorities with serious consequences.

If an illegal renter is suspected, they will be denied access to all Anchorage Club Mallorca facilities. A number of owners have been referred to the administrator for illegally renting and on confirmation of evidence, they have been prosecuted by the authorities.


Excrements must be removed.

Animals are not allowed in or around all restaurant areas, pools, beach, library and playing rooms.

Dogs must wear a collar with identification.

Spanish law requires dogs to be on a leash at all times. Please don’t feed any animals that don’t belong to you.

Building Works

Internal Alterations

In general, you are at liberty to undertake internal refurbishment works to your apartment, but in advance of starting works you must first advise the Anchorage Office of your intentions so that a check can be made for any shared infrastructures such as, water pipes, waste pipes, electrical cables and air extractor pipes. You will be informed if there is anything that you need to be aware of, and as a matter of courtesy, the office will also advise your neighbours of the intended works.

Also, please be aware that most internal works, large or small (excluding painting) require an approval from Calvia Town Hall which you should apply for after the Office has approved the works.

External Alterations

All external construction works, must first be referred to the Anchorage Office who will in turn submit your plans to the Refurbishment Sub-Committee in charge of approving external alterations. This includes any alteration to doors or windows, changes to terraces and balconies, the erection of fences, or external installation of air conditioning units and TV dishes. Where you are proposing the installation of air conditioning units, the Office will insure your near neighbours are happy with the siting of the unit.

All major refurbishment works need legal permission from Calvia Town Hall before they can start, which you can apply for following confirmation of approval from the Office.

The Sub-Committee intends to be flexible and biased towards approving owners plans. It has been set up primarily to safeguard the external visual integrity of the Anchorage, ensuring that its unique character is preserved – an ambition that we know, owners are passionately in support of.

General Maintenance

Owners are responsible for:

  • The maintenance and installation of new shutters
  • Regular cleaning of drains to avoid blockages
  • Private terraces and balconies including any water damages to third parties. The construction companies guarantee waterproofing for 10 years at maximum
  • Refilling cracks on tile joints
  • Repair to any damages incurred during building works

The Anchorage is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the safety of the property and the surrounding structures
  • The colour combinations of all external areas
  • Painting façades, railings and wooden shutters according to approved colour schemes

If you require help with maintenance please contact The Anchorage Office who will be happy to advise on who might be able to assist.

Building work often require the use of mechanical devices such as drills, power saws, compressors and other equipment, which cause noise and vibrations. We ask owners to show the maximum consideration to their neighbours.

Sub Committee In Charge of Approving External Alterations

(Chairman, Apt 186)

(Independent Architect and member of the original design team)

(Anchorage General Manager)



1 MAY / 31 MAY



09.00 ⁄ 13.30 AND 15.00 ⁄ 18.30

09.00 ⁄ 13.30


09.00 / 13.30 and 15.00 / 18.30

09.00 / 13.30


Garden Works

The Anchorage gardens are maintained to a very high standard, following meticulously conceived plans that focus on sustaining indigenous trees and plants. Because of this, owners are asked not to remove or replace any plants in the Community areas.

Although branches may block views outside windows, pruning without official permission is against the law and the Community can be fined for illegal pruning. If you want to ask for a tree to be pruned, please put your request in writing to The Anchorage Office in September, so that it can be discussed with the Council Agronomic Engineer from the Town of Calvia, who oversees our schedule of works.

Cars and Vehicles


Car parking spaces are limited, so when you park please make sure that your car only takes up one bay. Your cooperation is requested particularly when the resort is crowded as parking can become a real problem, especially for deliveries to the bar and restaurant.


We ask you to respect the speed limit of 20 Km/h. There are many children around The Anchorage who may play in the streets or run freely across roads. Too many people ignore the speed limit and it would be tragic were there to be an accident.


Vehicles should not be left abandoned in the garage or in the outside parking areas.
 Please don’t leave your vehicle for long periods without use, as they will deteriorate and become an eyesore. Cars in an obvious state of decline that are unused will be removed from The Anchorage at the owner’s cost.

Siesta and Quiet time

The Anchorage observes the time-honoured tradition of Siesta between the hours of 13.30 and 15.00 when everyone is asked to keep the noise down.

If you’re having fun with your kids, that’s great, but please be aware of the noise. You must respect everyone’s vacation. You might not hear your kids shouting, but others do!

After 22.00 too, you are asked to think about how much noise you’re making.

Rubbish and Recycling

The Anchorage is a beautiful space and we want to keep it looking at its best, so please, when you’re out, put your rubbish and cigarette butts in the litter bins provided or take it home with you, there is no one else to clear up after you.

Whilst Mallorca is moving towards higher recycling standards, there is only so much recycling that the council can currently cope with. You will find coloured bins in designated area near to your apartment and rubbish should be sorted as follows:

Green Bin

Glass = bottles, glasses, glass jars, etc.

Brown Bin

Organic (food waste & general rubbish) = fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, coffee, etc., tissues and all other non-recyclable items

Blue Bin

Paper = cardboard, paper

Yellow Bin

Cardboard food packaging, all plastic packaging and tins = plastic bottles, plastic wraps, plastic bags, cardboard packaging (milk, yoghurt, sauces, etc) beer tins, coca cola cans, tuna tins, etc.