Egm 12 December 2019


Dear Owners,

You are all aware of the lack of outdoor parking spaces, especially in the summer months.

We have been advised that we need to amend our existing Statutes to ensure that any future changes of ownership relating to either the offices or other premises outside of our own control (not controlled by the Anchorage) must not lead to any more reduction of our existing spaces.

The legal process to approve the amendment of the Statutes is by holding an EGM which Agenda must be approved unanimously, in order to fulfill the legal requirements and make it enforceable. Many owners attended another Meeting last month, so we are trying to deal with this new proposal in the fastest, easiest way possible.

This EGM will be held next Thursday 12th December 2019 at 11:00am in the Library of the Anchorage Club, please, find the Agenda attached and the proxy, which as you can see, will help you to vote for this new Regulation by appointing the President to vote on your behalf.

We kindly ask you, if you cannot attend the Meeting, to fill out the proxy and send it to the office, in order to achieve enough votes to proceed with the changes that we hope will help us all. The vote can be sent by email and post.

Best regards,

The Anchorage Committee

EGM Agenda 12dic19

EGM Proxy 12dic19

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