AGM 26 April 18

Illetas, 5th April 2018

Dear members of the ANCHORAGE,

attached please find the invitation for the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE ANCHORAGE CLUB MALLORCA, S.L., to be held on the 26th of April 2018, at 10.00 am and for the ANCHORAGE OWNERS COMMUNITY which will be held at 11.00 am.

In case you cannot attend personally, please fill in the attached proxy.

In addition you will find the Annual Accounts for 2017 and the Annual Budget 2018. As you can see, the day to day running costs are being tightly controlled.

Our sincere thanks to all owners who replied to our request for suggestions to renovate the recently accquired UCSA-office and the library. There was an overwhelming vote to convert the UCSA-office into an enlarged gym-/fitness and the library into a multi purpose area, for pilates, yoga, private parties, sports-broadcasts, lectures etc. and to use the existing gym for an additional treatment space, which gives us the opportunity to expand our previous SPA offers (hair dressing, nail etc…).

As we cannot rebuild both in one year without an appeal for extra cash, the Committee decided to submit for your approval plans for a joint gym-/fitness-/yoga-/pilates area in the first instance in the UCSA space. Attached you will see the plans drawn up by Mr. Georges Bretones.

The Committee has spent endless hours reflecting on his advice and believe that this version meets the request of the majority owners.

The costs for this work of approximately €75.000 will be accommodated within the next years budget without jeopardising our essential maintenance schedule. If approved by you at the AGM the work will start in November and be completed in springtime 2019.

Attached is the idea of Mr. Bretones for the library for you to consider. The Committee felt this could, on approval, be started in November 2019 and be ready for the season of 2020. The elaboration for this project would be presented to you at the AGM in April 2019.

If the majority of owners feel they like to do both works this winter and finally finish all projects, the library will be costed and voted on at the EGM on the 8th of October 2018 with both completed before the next summer season.

At the last AGM it had been discussed that for safety reasons we are forced to unify the floor in the kids and youth area, otherwise we run the risk of further injuries through the stairs and steps and the closure by the authorities. The costs involved are included in this years budget.

The automatic barrier has now been operational since February and seems to be working fine. The busy summer period will prove how successful it will be and will be reviewed as promised at that time.

Due to leaks at pool 1 renovation works at the SPA were necessary and therefore we had to close the SPA temporarily. These works have now been completed and the team is awaiting your visit.

Equally the restaurant-team is highly motivated and eager to start the new season.

Our grateful thanks to the Committee for all their help, freely given, without which the Anchorage would be in a much poorer place.

Just a reminder that any questions regarding the accounts must be with the office the week before the AGM to give us time to research the answers, as we do not have neither the accounting software nor the files at the Meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Cocktail Evening on 25th of April, at 7.00 pm, and the following morning in the library.

Best regards,

Sabine Manchot
ACM President
Michael Rosenblatt

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