Agm 25Th April 2019

Dear members of the Anchorage,

Attached, please, find the invitation for the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE ANCHORAGE CLUB MALLORCA, S.L., to be held on the 25th of April 2019, at 10:00am and for the ANCHORAGE OWNERS COMMUNITY which will be held at 11:00am.

In case you cannot attend personally, please, fill in the attached proxy.

We are pleased to enclose the budget for 2019 which you can see, only increases the Community charge by 3.73%, despite the creation of the new gym, the refurbishment of the library and re-building of the children’s area.

As you are all aware, the projects listed above were approved in the October EGM for completion over the winter. As a result there are no additional plans, apart from routine maintenance scheduled for this year. If there were any further requests for additions to our new facilities, they would be included, if approved, in the 2020 budget.

As you can see on item 4 on the reserves, we suffered a major leak at pool 2 last month which necessitated a complete rebuild and unfortunately took a significant portion of our reserve. Our external engineers (ATP) are supervising the works. We hope to be able to rebuild the area in time for Easter.

Our sincere thanks to our architect, Mr.George Bretones, who together with Alejandro and his team, have transformed the Club area. You will not fail to be impressed by the quality of their work and the efficiency of their implementation. In order for the works to be ready on time and at an affordable price, part of the team were seconded to help the outside contractors with inevitable delays in routine maintenance. Now the building projects have been completed, the whole team will be back on their regular maintenance schedules.

All of you were informed that our new gym was opened on the 1st April, please make sure you update your wristbands and/or cards to access the facility and sign the new health form. You can find the usage recommendations on our web site.

If you have the chance to spend some time in the Anchorage, do not miss a visit to the new Library and kids area. As agreed in the last EGM, we have used the existing furniture and equipments. Your ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

The restaurant and terrace also opened 1st April and the team is delighted to welcome all of us. They are highly motivated for the new season which will start with the Easter Brunch (details posted soon on our web).

Last summer there were more complaints from owners about the abuse of the sun beds over the busy months than any other. The Committee was repeatedly asked to find a way to ensure that the rules are properly applied, so we have therefore, submitted a new proposal for your approval which we hope will be much fairer to all of us and will be properly enforced by the beach guards who will remove any towel placed unattended on a sun bed for more than 30 minutes. Whilst you may feel the time is too short for lunch, swimming, etc…, it also means more beds will be freed up during the day and we will no longer have areas full of towels but no owners sitting on them. This system will rely on the team applying the rules properly and we will ensure this happens.

As many owners are aware, our security team is concerned that excessive speeding may lead to an accident, especially in the summer months, when so many children cross the roads oblivious to the passing traffic. A radar was introduced to try and help control the problem, but some owners felt it was not appropriate for the Anchorage aesthetics. The Committee feels that the best way forward is to ask your opinion as to whether we re-install the radar for July and August only in order to reinforce the other measurements undertaken such as speed pumps and lower speed notices, which are often ignored (photo attached).

We would like to remind you that any request or question about the accounts, must be with the office the week before the AGM to give us time to give the answers, as we do not have neither the accounting software nor the files at the Meeting.

As usual, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Cocktail Evening on 24th April, at 7:00pm and the following morning at 10:00am in the new Library.

Best regards,

Sabine Manchot

ACM President
Michael Rosenblatt



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