Hello, we are going to see how to access the page by recovering the password.

Step 1: We access the Menu located in the upper right part.

Step 2: We enter the access data: User and password and click on LOGIN.

Step 3: If we enter an incorrect password, a message will appear with the pertinent warning. In this case, what we have to do is click on Lost password?

Step 4: On the next screen in the USERNAME field, we write our username*, and click on “Restore Password“.Automatically, an email will be sent with the Password Recovery link.
(*) In the case of not remembering the username, you can send an email to and request it.

Step 5: We access our usual email program and check the Spam mailbox if we cannot find the Password Recovery email in the Inbox. And we click on the link “Restore your password

Step 6: Enter the new password in the “New Password” field and repeat the password in the next field “Confirm New Password” and click on “Save Settings

Step 7: We will know that the new password has been saved with a message at the top of the form with the notice: “Information Updated“.

Step 8: And it’s done !! We can go to the upper right menu and access the Owners Area.

En este vídeo, podeis ver como Recuperar Contraseña