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03 Feb: Spanish cheese Torta del Casar

When we are planning an anniversary meal at home for the family, it is sometimes quite difficult to think of a dish that will make the meal a memorable one for everyone. If there’s a special family lunch or dinner in the offing that you want to end on a culinary fanfare …


27 Jan: gastronomic tourism of the future

Firmenich is a company based in Geneva. One hundred and twenty-five years old, Firmenich is a global player in the business of fragrance and flavour. A partner company is Microsoft, as a line of development at Firmenich is the use of artificial intelligence to create flavours – food flavours.


13 Jan: Know how to live

Many British people over a certain age should have fond memories of wine and cheese parties because they were very popular from the mid-1960s to the early 80s. Wine and cheese are perfect partners and you don’t have to be a gastronome to appreciate them …


24 Dec: The best Christmas menus

Celebrate the festive season with a delicious meal in one of Mallorca’s top restaurants. Throughout the holiday period a warm welcome and special menus can be expected from a number of venues catering for some or all of the merry days including pre-Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year.


23 Sep: Mallorcan breakfast

Breakfast is supposed to be your most important meal of the day and, on Mallorca, a pastry known as ‘ensaïmada’ has been the traditional breakfast pastry since the 17th century, although its origins are unknown.


29 Jul: ROKA, the world famous Japanese, in Mallorca

ROKA, part of the Azumi Limited Group, will open its first temporary restaurant in Spain this summer on Mallorca. Sven Koch, CEO of Azumi Limited and ROKA Mallorca, has chosen the Cap Vermell Resort in Capdepera to open the pop-up restaurant. “We are delighted to welcome the ROKA brand to our hotel,” said Cap Vermell Resort CEO Toni Mir.


08 Apr: Mallorcan Wine

First of all, the more wineries there are, the more competitive the market becomes and therefore everyone should benefit. I am not going to present you with an exhaustive list of all the wineries on Mallorca. What I will try to do is demonstrate that there are enough types of wine on the island to cover any kind of meal, gift or wine tasting.


07 Apr: Michelin star restaurants on Mallorca

Mallorca is home to excellent restaurants serving cuisine recognised by the prestigious Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal. The newest editions are DINS by Santi Taura and Béns d’Avall by Benet Vicens and son, Jaume Vicens.