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03 Jun: John Cleese in Palma

Dubbed the ‘Last Time to See Me Before I Die’ show, it’s the man who gave us – among so many others – the ministry of silly walks, the dead parrot, and Basil Fawlty.


06 May: Wild Mallorca

The species name commemorates Eleanor of Aborea (1347 – 1404), a judge from Sardinia, whose ‘Carta de Logu’ (Body of Laws), was published in 1395. What made this law so special was that it legalised the protection of nesting falcons.


01 Apr: British TV soap to film in Mallorca

British TV sources have revealed that top soap Hollyoaks is gong to be filming in Mallorca next week. According to DigitalSpy Hollyoaks has confirmed plans to film on-location in Mallorca for Luke Morgan and Cindy Cunningham’s big storyline


17 Feb: Leisure in Majorca

The last two years have been a brutal experience for those working in and around the hospitality industry. This broad business catchment, embraces almost everything that involves face-to-face involvement with Joe Public …


03 Feb: Art and culture in Mallorca

The Arts Society Mallorca aims to combine art, fun and friendship together to offer stimulating art-related events. The Mallorca branch of the Society is part of a global network of 385 not-for-profit societies with 90,000+ members.